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Multinationality, diversification and firm size. An empirical analysis of Europe's leading firms
98 S.E.M. and the changing structure of eu manufacturing, 1987-1993
Le decisioni di entrata e di uscita: evidenze empiriche sui maggiori gruppi italiani
Firms financial and real responses to business cycle skocks and monetary tightening. Evidence for large and small italian companies
The UK machine tool industry
Shareholders' voting power and block transaction premia: an empirical analysis of Italian listed companies
European integration and leading firms' entry and exit strategies
Explaining corporate structure: the MD matrix, product differentiation and size of market
Form of ownership and financial constraints: panel data evidence on leverage and investment choices by Italian firms
Panel Ceris su dati di impresa. Aspetti metodologici e istruzioni per l'uso
Il nuovo panel Ceris su dati di impresa 1977-1997 (The new Ceris panel of italian firms 1977-1997)
Bollettino CERIS n. 23 Le strutture produttive e distributive dell'agro-industria in Piemonte
Rielaborazione per l'inflazione dei 'dati cumulativi Mediobanca (1989)'. Analisi e commenti