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treatrew: a user-written STATA routine for estimating Average Treatment Effects by reweighting on propensity score
Identification and Estimation of Treatment Effects in the Presence of Neighbourhood Interactions
CTREATREG. Stata module for estimating dose-response models under exogenous and endogenous treatment
A responsiveness-based (composite) indicator with an application to countries' innovative performance
Managerial capacity in the innovation process and firm profitability
Ivtreatreg: a new STATA routine for estimating binary treatment models with heterogeneous response to treatment under observable and unobservable selection
Measuring Intersectoral Knowledge Spillovers: an Application of Sensitivity Analysis to Italy
Are R&D subsidies provided optimally? Evidence from a simulated agency-firm stochastic dynamic game
A continuous treatment model for estimating a Dose Response Function under endogeneity and heterogeneous response to observable confounders: Description and implementation via the Stata module 'ctreatreg'
Heterogeneity of innovation strategies and firms' performance
Evaluating the Effect of Public Subsidies on firm R&D activity: an Application to Italy Using the Community Innovation Survey
Modelling and measuring the effects of public subsidies on business R&D: theoretical and econometric issues